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U Tube Free is a new site which shouldn't be confused with YouTube. With the huge success of YouTube, the online video streaming giant, keeping a pulse on all of the fun, interesting, or just downright wacky things that are being uploaded every day. Showing your friends the latest Caturday video, or finding an absolutely fascinating news report about a topic that you care deeply about is a part of almost everyone's life. Feeling like you aren't getting a lot of information on the latest thing to be buzzed about? U Tube Free can help you out with that.

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U Tube Free is unlike any other site that you will find on the net. Part blog, part shrine to YouTube, and part meme research site, U Tube Free is a site that has something for everyone. If you are one of the many people who loves watching the hilarious antics of cats, U Tube Free will be an instant bookmark. If you are one of the myriad of people who needs their fix of offbeat news, informative articles, and just downright pure internet chaos, then U Tube Free will be a site that you will need to bookmark. Just about every subject is touched in U Tube Free's blogs – arts and entertainment, science, sports, geekery, the strange, the bizarre, and world news are all showcased on this handy sites.

What sets U Tube Free apart from almost every other website like it is that the creators of the site actively seek out the best movies that you can download for free, and post them on the site. The movies run the gamut from the universally adored cute puppies and kittens found on video, to the highly informative videos that are regularly posted as part of a vlog on the site, to the exceptionally highbrow and artistic movies that are best described as “art for art's sake.” No matter what you are interested in finding on YouTube, there is a pretty high chance that U Tube Free will be able to pick it out from the “junk videos” that few people actually want to see. Submissions of your favorite videos are encouraged, as are comments about videos that you enjoyed watching. After all, there is a certain sense of community that sites like this love to have.

Even businessmen who want to improve their social media campaigns can use U Tube Free as a way to learn about the art of social media. U Tube Free, though highly entertaining, can also provide ample amounts of information when it comes to getting a successful marketing campaign on your YouTube account. Such videos as “Disadvantages of Making Your Own YouTube Videos,” and “How To Make A YouTube Video” provide a lot of the basics (and advanced parts) for anyone who wants to make the YouTube part of their social media campaign really count.

Overall, U Tube Free is going to be one of those sites that will have a very loyal following that will grow to cover several major social groups. It's a place where you can learn, play games, and laugh, and when push comes to shove, what more could you really want in a site? When you look at all the fascinating content on the site, it seems like a miracle that U Tube Free hasn't gone viral yet. Well, it was started this year, so we are betting that U Tube Free will become just as huge a site as Fark or  Cracked in the near future.

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